William Felix Dondeville, eldest of four children of August Dondeville and Alice Morgan, was born March 3, 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri. As a boy his family knew him as Willie. In the late 1890's the family moved to Robeson Street in Memphis, Tennessee. When he completed his schooling, Willie found work as a marble tile and stonecutter.

The first time that Lucy Agnes Anderson saw William, he was playing baseball and she wanted to know whom he was. Shortly after 1910, William married Lucy, the daughter of Christopher Columbus Anderson, a constable in Covington, Tennessee and Mary Wilson. A severe bout with measles as a child had left her deaf. She was reportedly part Cherokee Indian. She loved flowers, made hats, was a great speller and won a spelling bee in Covington. She took care of her parents until they died, then took good care of their graves.

Ten children were born to their marriage. The eldest, William Eugene, was born in 1913; Bruce Lee was born in 1916; Margaret Agnes in 1918; Robert Edward, 1920; and Mattie in 1922. Emma was born in 1923; twins, Johnetta and Joseph, in 1926; Mary Jesse, 1928; and Catherine June in 1929.

William Felix told his children that his motto was "To always finish what you start". He always buttoned his collar before he came to dinner, liked to cook and even knew how to sew and cut hair. He was a perfectionist and the house was always spotless. He said his children were his treasures that he would leave to the world when he was gone.

William was a master in his chosen trade. He was responsible for the tile and marble in the Peabody Hotel, Breeze Department Store, and several other prominent Memphis buildings. He carved the two lions in front of the main post office and the statues at the Memphis courthouse. He put his children through parochial school by carving the statues at Blessed Sacrament Church.

William Felix often said, "Having beautiful daughters was a poor man's treasure." One can assume that their mother Lucy was also a beautiful woman. William Felix died in Memphis, November 9, 1942. Lucy lived until May 29, 1976.

311.1 William Eugene Dondeville, 1913 - 1992
born January 12, 1913 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Celestina (Sally) Marie Shaner, March 7, 1936 in Ripley, New York. Four of eight children were born in Memphis: William Eugene, '37; twins, Marie Anne and Bruce Lee, '38, both died in infancy; and Howard Lee, '40.In early 1940's, moved to Peoria, Illinois. Second set of twins, Johnetta and Joseph, '42, also died in infancy; Robert Alan, '44 in Erie, Pennsylvania; and Diane Agnes, '47 in Peoria. Sally died on December 21, 1983. William died August 10, 1992, both in Decatur, Illinois

311.2 Bruce Lee Dondeville, 1916 -
born January 18, 1916 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Gay Stites in early 1940s. She died at age of twenty-one. Married Francis Follis in mid 1940s. Four children were born to this marriage: Bruce Alton, '47; Jeanne Louise, '49; Debra Ann, '54; and Jerry Lee, '56.

311.3 Margaret Agnes Dondeville, 1918 - 1992
born April 17, 1918 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married David Hunt. Seven children: David Allen, '37; Christopher was stillborn; Lucianne, '41; Robert Eugene, '47; Joseph Patrick, '56; Rosemary Agnes, '57; and Regina Lynn,'59. Margaret died July 16. 1992

311.4 Robert Edward Dondeville, 1920 -
born April 1, 1920 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Evelyn Cummings, also of Memphis. Six children: Ronald Edward, '48; Joyce Ann, '49; Teresa Lynn, '55; Mary Jean, '56; Brenda Jo, '57; and Mark, '58.

311.5 Mattie Lee Dondeville, 1922 - 1965
born July 20, 1922 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Carlos Mooney. Six children: Karen Lee, '42; Mary Catherine, '43; Kenneth Carl, '45; Donna Lynn, '46; Carlos Leonard, '49; and Gary Eugene, '53. Mattie died in 1965 when her youngest child was only twelve.

311.6 Emma Alice Dondeville, 1923 -
born December 21, 1923 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Curtis Lane in 1941. Three children; John Riley, '42; Curtis Harvey, '44; and James Bruce, '46.

311.7 Johnetta Dondeville, 1926 -
born October 28, 1926 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Robert (Bud) Smyth of Chattanooga, Tennessee in the early 1940s. Three children Beverlye Ann, 48; Linda Diane, '49; and William Lee, '52. Retired to Chiefland, Florida. Bud died' January 18, 2001. Johnetta continues to live in Florida

311.8 Joseph Dondeville, 1926 - 1957
born October 28, 1926 in Memphis. In the late 1940s married Margaret Dean Beaver, of Memphis Four daughters: Sharon Lee, '49; Margaret Dendree, '50; Joanne, '52: and Julia Lynn, '54. Joseph died in construction accident in 1967 at age 30. Margaret eventually remarried.

311.9 Mary Jessie Dondeville, 1928 -
born May 28, 1928 in Memphis, Tennessee. Married Hugh Anson, June 7, 1945. Established their home in Arizona. Eight children: Audria Gay, '47; Hugh Anson, '49; Michael Elliott, '53; Pamela Ann, '55; Mary Katherine, '57; Joseph Edward, '63; and Sidney Alan, '65. All of their children live in Arizona and their grandchildren have scattered across the United States.

311.10 Kathryn June Dondeville, 1930 - 1992
born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 19, 1930. Married James Armin West in late 1940s. Seven children: James Armin Jr. birth reported as January 9, 1947. If the dates were correct, June would have been sixteen. Alice June was reportedly born January 30, 1950; Dennis and Debra, twins, '53; David Randolf, '55; Steven Joseph, '59; and Christopher Lee, '58. June died on August 30, 1992 and Armin, May 13, 1997.