MARY HOOD (1872-1963)

Julian Chalus, the eldest of five children of Frances Dondanville and Antoine Charles Chalus, was born in Serena Township. LaSalle County, Illinois August 3 1868. He followed his family to Webster County, Iowa in 1886, when he was 18 years of age, and settled on a farm near Clare. In 1897 Julian moved to Clara. He was married to Mary Martha Hood September 15, 1897. Mary, the daughter of Thomas Hood and Bridget Malloy who had come to Clare from Ireland, was born in Clare August 25, 1872. Julian and Mary built a home in Clare.

Julian Chalus was a prominent businessman in the community. He was manager of the Conway Lumber Company, served as Town Clerk, and was a livestock broker. He later managed the Clare Livestock Shipping Association that shipped hogs and cattle to the stockyards in Chicago. He was active in St. Matthew's Parish.

Four children were born to the marriage of Julian and Mary. Marcellus Valentine, known as Mark, was born on Valentine's Day 1899. Evelyn Mary was born in 1901, Edwin Louis, 1909, and Mary Veronica in 1914. In the summer of 1929, Julian Chalus was injured while loading cattle aboard a train in Clare. He died, August 29, 1929, as a result of that accident,. Mary continued to live in their home in Clare, with her daughter Evelyn, until her death February 10, 1963.

141.1 Marcellus Valentine Chalus 1899-1970
known as Mark, born in Clare, Iowa, February 14, 1899, married Bertha Lampe, September 23, 1935, moved to Fort Dodge. Five children, Margaret Ann; '36; Dennis, '40; Edwin William,'43; Mary Beth, '46; and Nancy '52. Mark died, October 20, 1970 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

141.2 Evelyn Mary Chalus 1901- 1994
born in Clare June 24, 1901, worked in the Clare Post Office for 47 years, the last 26 years as Postmistress, never married, died in Fort Dodge, July 13, 1994.

141.3 Edwin Louis Chalus 1909- 1989
born in Clare December 4, 1909, married Elizabeth Fitzgerald, from Iowa, in St. Augustine Church in Culver City, September 15, 1942. One daughter, Mary Margaret, a registered nurse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ed died in Cedar Rapids, February 7, 1989.

141.4 Mary Veronica Chalus 1914-1992
born in Clare, April 16, 1914, married Richard John Lampe in St. Matthew's Church on October 14, 1946. Two daughters, Mary Margaret '48, and Julieann '52, graduated from El Camino College. Mary Chalus Lampe died in Hawthorne, California, August 16, 1992.