This history of the Dondanville family is far from complete. It is our objective to eventually produce a complete family lineage from Jean Martin Tantonville to present day and biographical sketchs for descendants of those first Dontenvilles who came to the United States. Please help us. Remember that whether your family name is Dondanville, Dontanville, Dontenville or Dondeville, or whether it was your mother, grandmother, or great grandmother who bore that name, your input is equally important.

The first step will be for you to complete the personal history form for yourself, your parents, and for each of your children over 18 years of age. You may have completed one or more such forms in the past at Larry Dondanvilles request. If so and if you kept copies of those forms please review them now and bring them up to date. Report any recent births, marriages, divorces, deaths,new jobs, and retirements that might not have been reported in the past.

The blank personal history form may be duplicated as you need. Complete them as fully as possible and click send to transmit the data over the world wide web. Send by email to:

In recording births, marriages, divorces and deaths, please list the month, day, and year. Record the bride's maiden name. Also list the locations including the towns and countries, churches and cemeteries where these events took place.

For the biographical sketches; education, occupation, military service, special honors, public office, and career information and the applicable dates are important. It would be helpful if you could prepare your own brief history of your family unit including biographical sketches for yourself, your parents, and your Dondanville related grandparents. Include content and use a format similar to those shown here.

Please help expand our list of contacts by sending the current street addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers for your children, grandchildren, parents, aunts and uncles and cousins that you might have in your address book. Do not assume that we already have this information from others. We may not. The information you send will be used only for further contact regarding this history and will not be given in any form to other than family members.

To complete this database for the Dondanville family please search your files and scrapbooks for old family records. Mail to me clear and legible scanned copies or photocopies of anything you may find: bible entries, births, marriages, and death certificates, military records, newspaper articles, genealogy research and family histories by others; anything you have that may be of interest to other Dondanville's.

Please send photographs of your parents and grandparents and a group picture of your immediate family. Clearly identify each subject on the back of each photo. Only send photographs that you are prepared to part with or photocopies . a Even if photo is not in color photo, photocopy it on a color copier for better definition. We have limited resources to reproduce original photos. We would prefer to receive scanned copies on CD-ROM or ZIP media in TIFF format. Do not transmit digitized photos via the www. Again, remember to properly identify the discs and each of the subjects in each photo and dates they were taken.

Let's make the Dondanville family history a document that future generations will treasure. Finally, if there is anything that we can do for you to help you locate other family members please contact us at Thank you for your help.

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