In November 2003 a History of the American Generations of Dondanville / Dontanville / Dontenville descendants was published to provide current generations a better appreciation and understanding of their grandparents and great-grandparents that left their homes in the Alsace Region of France to come to the United States. This was a compilation of twenty-five years of research.

American Generations contains over 400 pages and includes more than 250 Biographical Sketches of the first three generations of Dondanvilles/ Dontanvilles/Dontenvilles who came to this country. It includes over 50 Descendant Charts and 50 Outline Descendant Trees.

American Generations is loose leaf bound to allow you to extract the sections that you find more pertinent to your family unit and reproduce them for wider distribution. I caution you that this document is intended for family consumption. It is not to be reproduced or distributed for any other purpose. More specifically, it is not to be turned over to a genealogical research library or to a commercial family database.

There are just a few copies of the initial printing available. I will continue to make American Generations available at actual cost. I was able to negotiate a significant volume reduction in printing cost. However binding and shipping costs have recently increased. My out of pocket cost for final edit, printing, binding, and shipping currently stands at $80 per unit.

This document is only available to direct family descendants. If you are interested, please contact me at the postal or e-mail address listed below. Do not send money at this time. As soon as it is determined that you are a direct Dondanville/ Dontanville/ Dontenville descendant, I will ask you to sign and return an agreement regarding protection of the information in American Generations along with your check for $80.

Copies will be shipped by United Parcel Service and should take about one week for delivery following receipt of the agreement and your payment.

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