Josephine Dontanville, third of seven children of Wallace Dontanville and Josephine Elbert, was born in Pasadena February 23, 1885. She grew up in the family home on Lester Avenue and attended primary school at St. Andrews. In the early 1900s Josephine met Leopold Friedland Wigand who was working for the Southern Pacific Railroad. . Wigand had come to California from McKeesport, Pennsylvania with his parents and they established a small ranch near Anaheim in Orange County.

On October 27, 1907, Josephine was married to Lee Wigand at St. Andrew's Church in Pasadena. They established their first home on the Wigand ranch in Anaheim where Lee's parents needed help with its day-to-day operation. The first of their four children, James Leopold, was born in Anaheim, February 24, 1910.

When Josephine's brother Wallace started his road construction company, Josephine and Lee moved to Pasadena. They located on Pasadena Avenue, near the Dontanville home on Lester Avenue. Lee worked for several years keeping the books and work records for Wallace's company. Their second child, William Alphonse, was born in Pasadena, January 1, 1912. A daughter, Frances Josephine was born July 26, 1913. The fourth child, Donald Aloysius, was born August 10, 1916.

In the late 1920s, Wallace relocated his construction company to Salinas. With no children, this move was not a problem for Wallace. But with four young children, this was a major problem for Lee. He was sick of the long periods away from home. Lee left Wallace's company and formed his own concrete construction business, pursuing work primarily in the Pasadena Area.

In the early 1940s, when the City of Pasadena first allowed beer and wine to be sold, Lee retired from construction and, with a partner, opened a bar. They eventually sold the bar and bought the Belmont Café on Colorado Boulevard. Lee operated the café for several years. Josephine died in Pasadena, November 23, 1956. Lee died September 13, 1970, just a month short of his 85th birthday.

223.1 James Leopold Wigand, 1910 - 1994
born in Anaheim, California, February 24, 1910, married Mildred Beatrice Ward at St Andrew's Church in Pasadena on December 29, 1934. Worked for the City of Pasadena for 27 years. Mildred died in Pasadena, September 19, 1992 and Jim on May 13 1994. There were no children.

223.2 William Alphonse Wigand, 1912 -
born in Pasadena, January 1, 1912, married Eloise Mae Brest on October 12, 1937. Four children: William Jr., '39: Mary Joellyn , '40: Robert Ellie, '44: and Karen Therese, '48. Eloise died, at age 36, in 1952. William lives in San Marcos, in 2004

223.3 Frances Josephine Wigand, 1913 -
born in Pasadena, July 26, 1913, married William L. Harrison on August 21, 1937 in Pasadena. Moved to Manhattan Beach, following World War II. Son, William Fredrick, born in Pasadena. Fran and Bill continue to lead active lives in Manhattan Beach in 2004..

223.4 Donald Aloysius Wigand, 1916 -
born in Pasadena, August 10, 1916, married Frances Pauline Conroy, from Lushton, Nebraska, on December 12, 1938 at St. Andrew's Church in Pasadena. Two daughters: Paulette, '40; and Cheryl Lee, '44. Pauline died in Bakersfield in 1999. Don continues to reside there in 2004