LOUIS E. DOLDER (1866-1949)

Anna Clara Ulrich and Louis Emile Dolder, wedding day, Somonauk, Illinois, April 10, 1892. Anna Clara, the eldest of eight children of Josephine Dondanville and Joseph Ulrich, was born in Serena Township, LaSalle County , Illinois June 17,1874. She was reared and educated there.

Louis Emile Dolder, the youngest of ten children of Jean-George Dolder and Adele Virginie Loux, was born in Hohwald, Alsace September 28, 1866. Following the death of his mother in January 1868, his father departed for the United States with the eight youngest children accompanied by his father's younger sister Josephine, her husband Leonard Dolder, and three adult cousins. The group arrived in New York from Havre aboard the Ship Cella on May 23, 1868. They continued to LaSalle County, following other Dolders who had come to the in the 1850s.

By 1870 George had settled on a farm in Serena Township very near the farm of Louis and Clara Dondanville. There, with the help of a daughter Josephine who was fourteen, George reared most of his younger children. Louis, the youngest, was raised in the home of his Aunt Josephine and Leonard in Northville Township.

Anna Clara Ulrich was married to Louis Emile Dolder in St. John the Baptist Church in Somonauk, Illinois on April 19, 1892. They settled on a farm in Serena Township. Five of the eight children of Anna and Louis Dolder were born there. Clara Josephine was born in 1894; Minnie Adelia, in 1896: Ernest Louis, 1897: Ina Fern, 1899: and Etta Vern, in January 1902. Following the death of Josephine Dolder in the 1890s, Uncle Leonard Dolder moved in to the home of Louis and Anna. Upon Leonard's death in 1902 Louis and Anna made the decision to followed Anna's parents to Humboldt County, Iowa. A sixth child, Florence Loretta, was born prematurely in Clare, Iowa on July 31, 1902, during the course of that move. She died at 3 days.

Clara and Louis Dolder family, (back l to r), Etta Vern, Ernest Louis, Clara Josephine, Minnie Adelia, Ina Fern, (front), Louis, Iola Mae, and Clara, circa 1910. The Dolders left Illinois February 23, 1903. The family moved to Pioneer, Iowa where they farmed until 1924. Two additional children were born in Pioneer: Iola Mae in 1907 and Harold Joseph in 1912. Never a serious farmer, Louis was involved in many ventures. He served for a period as Town Marshalland as Post Master. He managed the grain elevator in Pioneer and later in Gilmore City, Iowa. Louis and his brother George operated a harness and shoe repair business in Pioneer.

Anna and Louis moved to the Town of Humboldt, Iowa in the early 1930s. They lived briefly in Cosmos, Minnesota in 1936, where Louis worked as a carpenter. They returned to Humboldt and when Louis became ill in the 1940s, they moved into the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Lee and Minnie Bollock. Louis died February 21, 1949. Anna died at a Humboldt nursing home August 17, 1960 at age 86. Both are buried in North Lawn Cemetery in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

171.1 Clara Josephine Dolder (1894 - 1982)
born in LaSalle County, Illinois September 21, 1894, married Orval Andrews March 11, 1914 Pioneer, Iowa, two children: Ernest, 1917 and Fern Hazel, 1924.

171.2 Minnie Adelia Dolder (1896 - 1986)
born in LaSalle County, Illinois Jaunary 15, 1896, married Joseph Lee Bollock September 22, 1915 in Pioneer, Iowa. One daughter, Viona Lavonne, 1921.

171.3 Ernest Louis Dolder (1897 - 1974)
born at Sheridan, Illinois September 29, 1897, married to Irene Ethel Thompson November 11 1922 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, three sons: Gene Edward,1926; Dwayne Ernest,1933; and Robert Louis,1935.

171.4 Ina Fern Dolder (1899 - 1981)
born in Sheridan, Illinois October 16, 1899, married Andrew Jacobsen in Humboldt, Iowa, February 24, 1919, two children: Ilene Fern, 1922 and Donald Andrew, 1925.

171.5 Etta Vern Dolder (1902 - 1981)
born in Sheridan, Illinois January 2, 1902, married Horace Frederick Hesser March 26 1923 in Humboldt, two sons: Harold Louis, 1931: and Gerald Fredrick, 1936.

171.6 Florence Loretta Dolder (1902-1902)
died as an infant in Clare, Iowa, at age four days.

171.7 Iola Mae Dolder (1907 - 2001)
born in Pioneer, Iowa, September 3, 1907,married Adel George Hansen May 21, 1926 in Humboldt, Iowa, four children: twin sons, Elden Ernest and Alvin Adel, 1927; Darrel Roy, 1929, died at four months; and, Doreen Viola, born 1930. Hansen died in 1959, Iola married Dewey Schilling, December 19, 1968

171.8 Harold Joseph Dolder (1912 - 1967)
born in Pioneer, Iowa, October 13, 1912, married Dora Azile Clark, in Livermore, Iowa, March 25, 1936, two sons:Harry Louis, 1939; and David Myrlin, 1954.